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Welcome to the web-site for the War of 1812 reenactment group
Thompson's Company of the 2nd York Militia. (Maintained by a membe of the group...)

These page will be filled with information, photos, notes, thoughts, and all kinds of good stuff from a member of Thompson's Company... a War of 1812 Upper Canadian Militia group.

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The 2nd York Militia are very active in War of 1812 re-enactments and displays. A complete list of events (where you'll find members of our regiment taking part in) can be seen by clicking here or selecting "Our Calendar" in the menu above. We welcome anyone and everyone to come out, thrill to the crash of muskets, enjoy a stroll through the camp, and time-travel with us over two-hundred years into our past.



Thompson's Company isn't only soldiers as we also have a good contingent of men and women civilian interpreters working in and with our group. From the militia encampment to Regency finery, Thompson's strives to represent the entire period and all aspects of early 19th Century life... Families are VERY welcome as we have places and roles for young and old!

Mississauga's Heritage

Anton Chills near a Stand of Arms

Thompson's Company is a PROUD part of Heritage Mississauga and represents a piece of our past and heritage. Our shared heritage is an important element in fostering and maintaining Mississauga’s sense of community, pride and history. Together with the support of community groups, corporations and individuals, Heritage Mississauga continue to accept the challenge of promoting awareness of the community’s most precious non-renewable resource.

Living History

Tent Lines

In The 2nd York Militia, the experience is what you make it. If you're interested in being a part of our group, you can participate in displays and "day trip" events or full-on 19th century encampment in a canvas tent at historic sites and museums. We will be more than happy to help you get started... just contact or click on the link above that reads "Join the 2nd". If you love history and adventure, live in or near Mississauga, then take the King's Shilling and fall in!